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    How to manage hbm.xml files in ejb component

    marcelo gar Newbie

      Hi everyone;
      I have beed given a model, a jar file, which has all entities and hbm.xml files, so, I can't change this entities, in this way, I can't put the @Name in entities.
      I could put a entity instance and its get and set in a ejb component, like jsf backing bean does.  But, this is not a good idea, I think

      Someone has some idea?
      Thanks you very much for your help

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          Leo van den berg Master

          I never put @Name annotations on my entity beans I use them as normal (JPA) entities..

          You should creete a normal Hibernate configuration and (jndi) bind it to the session used by Seam. Another approach would be to make it JPA and create the orm-files , and use the entities through the default entityManager.

          In both ways you could wrap the entities in the Home-componets and do what you need to do.