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    Placeholders in pages.xml

    Giorgi Javrishvili Newbie

      Hi all,

      i have following situation:

      On Productive system schould be used SSL (https).
      So if I undesrtand cottectly, that means you have to set approproate scheme in pages.xml. E.g.:

      <page view-id="lalala.xhtml" scheme="https">

      It works fine, but I need it only on productive system, not during development, so the idea was to use some properties file and placeholders like in case of components.xml (with components.properties)

      <page view-id="lalala" scheme="@SCHEME@">

      but nothing works.
      My previous project was made in Spring and there i could define bean

      <bean id="placeholderConfig"...

      and use it in every configuration.

      So, the question is how to do something like this in Seam. Does it work only for components.xml?

      The only ugly antique solution that i have now is: to make some pages.template.xml with placeholders, everytime assume changes from real pages.xml and then to replace palceholders during creation of ear file using ANT.

      It's hard to imagine that nobody ever had such situation except me now.
      Or may be I'm doing completely wrong thing and it should be done the other way?

      Many thanks in advance,