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    Recommended Practice to Upgrade Seam Ant Scripts

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I've a question how you deal with changes to the default ant build scripts or if there is a recommended practice and I haven't found it yet.

      The question came to me because I'm currently upgrading an application from Seam 2.0 to 2.2 and the upgrade went for the most part smoothly but I noticed that the build files (from seam-gen) have been changed on several levels. For example more parts now use the profile for different files and extra libraries are defined in an external file. I'd conclude that all this has been done to make upgrading the build.xml file easier by moving as much configurations out of it as possible.

      Now, the main problem I see is that my generated Seam 2.0 build.xml has been changed over the time, e.g. coverage reports, Javascript / css minimization and some libraries were added. My approach, to make the upgrading of the build.xml easier, would be to create my targets in a new build.xml file and just add calls to them in the generated build.xml, thus reducing upgrades to modifying a few lines.
      The question is of course, how do you deal with upgrades in the build.xml file from seam-gen. Do you ignore them and manage completely your own build file or do you put all changes again into a newly generated one?

      A related question: Is there a migration guide for the build scripts, or is the only way to manually check the generated projects and adapt the old one accordingly?

      Thanks and ciao,