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    Redirect after login, when user clicks the login link

    Miguel Cohnen Newbie


      I'm trying the redirect after login feature, as described in the documentation, and it works pretty good. When the user tries to access a restricted component/view, it gets redirected to the login page, and when successfully loggedIn, it goes back to the previous screen.

      But what if the user simply clicks on a login link? (like the one created by seam-gen)

      <s:link id="menuLoginId" view="/login.xhtml" value="Login" rendered="#{not identity.loggedIn}"/>

      I have tried to add


      to that link, but it is not working. How can I achieve it? I have been browsing the forum, but haven't been able to find the answer, neither in the documentation.

      sorry if this is an obvious question anyway.

      Thank you!!!!