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    Richfaces orderingList & Seam

    H G Newbie


      I'm trying to implement a orderingList of Devices and need some help to get the better practice of implementing this component with seam.

      Reading the Richfaces documentation I create successfully a orderingList (with his proper converter, equals/hashcode/toString) and I can select Item and process it on the server side. Also the component is reordering the list in the client side.

      The missing part is after retrieving the populating data using EntityManager - persist the orderingList  and the manipulation of the orderingList in way that when the user comeback the next time can get the persistent changes.

      I'm pretty shore that Seam cover this part and like to now who is the better way to accomplish this?

      The orderingList will be in session scope, how can I retrieve the data only one time in the creation of the session (probably @PostConstruct) and after that only persist the changes?