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    How to reassign a jBPM task to another user?

    Joseph Wroblewski Newbie

      My scenario is this:

      A jBPM task is assigned to user X.  User X is no longer a user of this system, so the administrator wants to go into the application and reassign the jBPM task to another user.

      The only way I know to reassign the task in the code is to update the jbpm tables directly.  Is there a better way?

      To update the jbpm tables, I need the task number. However,
      all the seam built-in components for jBPM (like taskInstanceList) only provide access to the tasks for the current user.  The current user will be the 'admin', not user X.

      I hope I'm not the only one who has a need to reassign jBPM tasks.