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    Launching new tab from rich:menuItem

    Paul Pantages Novice
      I am not certain if this is a seam or richfaces problem, I will post to both forums.

      Hello Forum,

      This post might look a little funny- the editor will not allow me to uncheck the "...not markup" option.

      I am using:

      jboss_version 5.0.1.GA
      seam_version 2.1.2.GA
      richfaces_version 3.3.1.GA

      I am trying to launch a new tab from a context menu.
      I want new tab to start its own long running conversation
      so I have set conversationPropagation value none.

      The action endPointPm.init returns a different page
      e.g., page2.xhtml from the current page1.xhtml

      The following works, but does not open a new tab. I.e., the
      target _blank is ignored. No conversation or other
      errors, occur. The new pages is rendered in a new conversation
      exactly as I expect.

         style="display: {pe};"
        <f:param name="conversationPropagation" value="none" />
        <f:param name="id"      value="{id}"/>
        <f:param name="profile" value="{pmp}"/>
      If I add

      `submitMode="server" `

      I get my new tab; unfortunately this is accompanied (in the log) with
      an assortemnt of seam conversation errors, which indicate that the new
      tab is trying to render the original page "page1.xhtml", not the outcome
      of the action "page2.xhtml". These errors make sense: since I did not
      propagate the conversation, the seam components used to render the
      original page are not available in the new conversation.

      The action always returns "page2.xhtml" (it is hard coded)
      so it appears as if the target _blank and switchmode server
      confuse the navigation...? It seems like a navigation error
      to me;

      Any ideas? I have spent way too much time on this already :(.