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    Creating PDFs based on the Seam approach

    John Ament Master

      Seam has possibly the coolest extension to JSF I've looked at, being able to generate PDF's in a reporting style.  I'm wondering though, I'm moving on to web beans for an application but I'm still in need of the PDF generation capabilities of seam.  Is it possible to generate a PDF using seam's PDF generation, but without everything seam needs? Or just a subset?

      Any opinions on this?

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          Good luck with a non-GA Web Beans release.

          Anyways, Seam 3 is modularized.  The Seam core team is trying to model their libraries more like Spring so you can pick-and-choose the functionality required at a more fine-grained level (e.g. only need AOP, or IOC, or MVC, etc).

          I'm not sure how it will work in your scenario, however, since you are not using Seam 3 core.

          Interesting question though.  More than likely you will need to use Seam 3 instead of going the route you're talking about....