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    page scope propagation in Integration Tests

    Lukasz Rozek Newbie

      hi guys,

      Is in integration tests support for page scope?? Here is simple example where it doesn't work. The environment is seam-2.2.0 GA

      page.xml for page I'm trying to test

      <page xmlns="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages"
            xsi:schemaLocation="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages-2.1.xsd">
          <rewrite pattern="/offers/{offerId}/details" />    
          <action execute="#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.initialize}"/>
          <param name="offerId" value="#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.offerId}" required="true"/>

      Integration test:

              new NonFacesRequest("/offers/details.xhtml") {
                  protected void beforeRequest() {
                      setParameter("offerId", "1");
              new FacesRequest("/offers/details.xhtml") {
                  protected void updateModelValues() throws Exception {
                      //renting details
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.rentFromDate}", DateUtils.create(2009, 07, 10));
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.rentToDate}", DateUtils.create(2009, 07, 20));
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.quantity}", 1l);
                      //charging options
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.isTransportIncluded}", true);
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.isInsuranceIncluded}", true);
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.isInstallmentIncluded}", true);
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.isIncludeDeposit}", true);
                      //delivery details
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.deliveryCityName}", "Szczecin");
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.deliveryZipCode}", "70-781");
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.deliveryStreet}", "Wyzwolenia");
                      setValue("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.deliveryHouseNo}", "15");
                  protected void invokeApplication() throws Exception {
                      String outcome = (String) invokeAction("#{singleOfferRentOrderAction.perform}");
                      assertEquals(outcome, "success");

      Component, which I use in test

      public class SingleOfferRentOrderAction extends RentOrderAction {
          private Long offerId;
          public String initialize() {
          public String perform() {

      As you can see in the test case I do NonFacesRequest to /offers/details.xhtml (Get method) just to set parameter and fire initialize method. Than I do FacesRequest(Post method) to /offers/details.xhtml in order to submit the form and invoke action method. I am on the same page, so the same instance of singleOfferRentOrderAction (as it is kept in a page scope) should be retrieved among request.  The problem is that I get new instance of singleOfferRentOrderAction in facesRequest (so it isn't initialized). I quess the problem is that page scope isn't supported so I get new instance. In production it works well.

      My questions are:

      1) is page scope supported?

      2) if do what I do wrong

      thx for any replies and hints