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    cannot force enityquery class to get current data - refresh

    Dowell Griffin Newbie

      I have a non-seam managed List class that can modify data in a table.  The List class extends EntityQuery. It returns List rowObject  from the getResultList method (standard stuff).   I need to be able to refresh the page without leaving it.  Problem: as long as I stay on that page the refresh shows old data.  I can clearly see the data is changed in the DB.  If I leave the page and return the current/correct data is shown.

      The List class is conversation scoped.

      I added a call to refresh() and that does not make a difference.

      Using AS 4.0.5 and Seam 1.2.1  (upgrading soon)

      How to you tell Seam to re-read from the DB?  It must be using something from a cache.