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    conversation id evaluated to null (natural conversations) - is still there

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Hello all,

      I have the following problem related to here JBSEAM-4407,
      it is something reported sooner by JBSEAM-3368.

      We have natural conversations and seeing from the log there is the following issue.

      When I open new natural-conversation I go to the page


      All is fine, I close it and awesome.

      But then I try to type in the URL


      well no conversation is active and I got redirected based on pages.xml, great



      also good

      Well then I try this


      and this is a problem I got a lot of exception which is then caught by pages.xml Exception handling.

      Do you have some workaround that I could use?

      Details are in JBSEAM-4407

      Thanx Tom