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    Problem with faces-config.xml redirect

    Nathan Fuchs Newbie

      I have a link in one of my applications that lets a user exit the application gracefully.  It calls a log out method in my SFSB that resets pertinent data.  This log out method returns a String of logout of which there is a navigation rule in faces-config.xml that loads a page that closes the window.

      If the user clicks on the browser's close button (the 'x' in the upper right hand corner), the log out method is called as it should be, but because the browser closed the window, the redirect logic can not be followed correctly in faces-config.xml to close the page, so it goes to the default and although it doesn't cause problems for the user, it clogs up our log files.  Also, I am not really keen on putting something into production that I know causes errors to show up in the logs.

      Is there a way in the faces-config.xml file to not cause a redirect and to just end gracefully when this scenario occurs?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Nate Fuchs