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    What can WE do to make Seam more popular?

    nmatrix nmatrix Newbie
      Hello Fellow Seam Users,

      I've been following the forums for a while and noticed a pattern of idle activity spanning weeks, e.g. almost 0 replies on the first topic page alone.  But it looks like theres more recent activity going on now.  My question is to the Seam Guys, What can WE do as users of the technology to get the wheels moving a bit?  In other words what would YOU like to see us do to help promote this technology more?   Theres Forums and there's also a idle IRC channel (e.g. #Seam on freenode) but I believe we need something more dynamic and engaging maybe a Seam Users Group maybe?  And with help from Google Maps maybe have people locate other local users in Realtime so they can get together and have events/meetings about Seam?

      Just throwing this out there.
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          Leo van den berg Master

          I really started using Seam in the beginning of 2008 after years of struggling with Spring / Swing, convinced that there was no decent way to get a multi-layer complex web application look like a desktop application (please don't reply with Flex, GWT an the likes; I really mean integrated from database up to to the presentation layer).

          And then I had a customer saying Web, or nothing else, you have 3 months to come up with a prototype..

          I already used ejb3, drools, jbpm, iText, email, I only needed a decent presentation layer and a lot of glue. The glue was and still is Seam. We made our prototype in 3 months, upgraded the whole application in another six and in a couple of weeks we will go on-line with a complete service ready to be extended with a lot of funtionality in another six months. To be honest the credits go to Seam and their developers, and this forum provided a lot of help first only as an anonymous user, but since a number of months as a member, ready to share tips and tricks with the community.

          From a manager point of view ; I've stated this before in other thread, Seam's real power is in its possibility to shorten development time by 50-75% (that what's happened with us) and it provides a really great developer tool. It can take some one to three months to really feel-at-home with Seam also depending on prior experience with the core technology. 

          From a technical point-of-view: I really like the available documentation and after a small investment for Seam-In-Action you get a great set on your desk.

          Now back to the raised issue; How to get Seam more popular? That depends on the mesaage you bring to your management. I am in that happy position and I really have one single question : What is the time to market? So efficiency is number one issue for me. My customer is really NOT interested in HOW things are made, but WHEN he has it and what will be the TCO for the product. I've seen some really nice whitepapers for the JBoss-AS, so maybe RedHat could do the same for Seam.

          I would be very happy to volunteer, so the RedHat people can contact me if they want..