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    Seam Locale issues

    guy bashan Apprentice


      I am trying to work with Seam and Locales, but having several issues.
      These are my configurations:



        <international:locale-config default-locale="iw">
        <core:locale-selector cookie-enabled="true" locale="iw"/>

      My issues:
      1) When application loads, the default Locale is English and not Hebrew (iw). Switching between the Locales (by changing LocaleSelector.instance().setLocale() is working fine).
      2) When I am sending mail using Seam mail, the mail is being sent in Hebrew (iw). Switching between Locales has no effect. It is always being sent in Hebrew (iw).
      3) Switching between Locales is not stored in the browser cookie. When I switch to Hebrew Locale, then reload the web application, it loads up with English again.

      Any ideas?