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    Tests over LargeMessageExample

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I have been doing a few tests over the LargemessageExample.


      - I can't get it to fail. I have used several file sizes, and have also made to send it multiple files here locally, and FlowControl is protecting OMEs on both sides.
      One thing that I have seen is the Memory Warning from the MemoryManager when using 10G files. But if I force a garbage collection, the Memory always goes back to the usual sizes, so I haven't seen any issues here.

      Consumer performance:

      - The BufferedInputStream didn't make any difference on receiving a message.
      I have measured the time on receiving multiple messages with and without the BufferedInput, and I couldn't get any significant differences.

      - If I set FlowControl to a huge number on both ways, the performance on consuming and sending is the same. Maybe there is a possibility of optimizing consumer flow control, as the flow control on consumer is taking longer than producing.