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    s:link renders wrong view id

    Francis Drake Newbie
      I have enabled rewrite filter in my app. All my pages work now without .seam extension. However, I got problem with s:link component. When I use expression in "view" attribute it id rendered with .seam... The example:

      /mypage/345/false renders to /mypage/345/false.seam

      my pages.xml and mypage.page.xml contain:

      <rewrite pattern="/page/{pageId}/{flash}" />
      <param name="pageId" value="#{Page.gameId}"/>
      <param name="flash" value="#{Page.isFlash}"/>

      Just to mention, when I put into address bar: http://localhost/MyApp/mypage/345/false it works fine and as intended.

      I use s:link inside rich:dataDefinitionList to generate many links.

      Could it be fixed somehow?