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    Getting Rid of Conversation ID on Redirect

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I'm having problems getting rid of the conversation ID parameter (cid) when I use a redirect in a navigation element in pages.xml.

      I'm submitting a form in the following way:

                      <h:commandButton action="#{bean.create()}"
                          value="#{messages['message']}" />

      The corresponding entry in the pages.xml looks like this:

          <page view-id="/index.xhtml">
              <navigation from-action="#{bean.create()}">
                  <redirect view-id="/redirect.xhtml">
                      <param name="beanId" value="#{beanId}" />

      When a lick on the button is performed everything works and the user is redirected to /redirect/beanId?cid=123. But how can I get rid of the conversation ID short of adding a rewrite rule? The conversation ID is a new one, not the one from the previous page, so technically not a propagation, which explains why the following tries did not work:
      I tried adding <s:conversationPropagation type="none" /> to the commandButton without success. I also tried adding <param name="conversationPropagation" value="none" /> to the redirect rule (https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBSEAM-1296 (for seam 1.2)) but that just renders conversationPropagation as a parameter.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks and ciao,