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    Performance tips for Websphere 6.1

    gonzalad Apprentice


      This tip allowed us to boost performance of some JSF Seam applications on WAS 6.1.

      1. Never use system property -Xquickstart (when we removed it, CPU usage was 3 times less).

      2. Use Xgcpolicy:gencon (when we added it, page response time was 2 times better).

      To enable gencon garbage policy :

      1. Login in admin console,

      2. Menu Servers > Application servers

      3. Select your app server

      4. Select Server Infrastructure > Java and Process Management > Process Definition

      5. Select Java Virtual Machine

      6. Add in Generic JVM arguments  : -Xgcpolicy:gencon

      7. Verify and Save and Restart you appserver

      Hope it helps !