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    How richfaces,facelet and seam component work together?

    Tanmay Solanki Newbie

      How richfaces,facelet and seam component work together when a request comes?
      Hi, I am a newbie seam user. I have a form containing 4 richfaces  component which are nested by a validateAll tag.
      On my 1st attempt to ajax submits this form none of the component's validate method is getting called and instead components are validated according to the mapped hibernate annotation.
      On second attempt to submit same form even hibernate annotated checks are also not working and form gets submitted even though actual validation errors of the 1st attempt exist.

      My questions are :
      1) Is it safe to include validateAll tag with Richfaces validation, do they work together perfectly?
      2)What is the order of validation and how they work together if the work together correctly?
      3) I am not getting the actual order of rendering if we include
      Richfaces, facelet and seam component in a single page can any one tell me link good article or suggest me a good book which gives me in depth knowledge about the rendering of page when a request comes for the page?