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    Multiple Jbpm processes problem

    Vasilii Lukoyanov Newbie


      I don't know whether it's a bug or a feature. I'm trying to start multiple JBPM processes with parameters. The problem is that the parameters weren't not saved for the last process.

      More precisely:

          @In(value = "bpmInitializer", create = true)
          private BpmInitializer _bpm;
          public String confirm() {
              for (GeneralPlanItem gpi: _plan.getInstance().getItems()) {
                  for (Course c: gpi.getCourseContent().getCourses()) {


      public class BpmInitializer {
          private Log _log;
          public void startCourseConfirmation(Long aId) {
              _log.info("planId={0}", aId);
              Contexts.getBusinessProcessContext().set("planId", aId);

      All started processes except the last one have planId variables bound to them. I checked the jbpm database, jbpmvariableinstance table and the last record have several empty columns (token, tokenvariablemap, processinstance).

      I also tried @Createprocess annotation, but behaviour was the same.
      Please, tell me how to alter BpmInitializer to make it work properly.