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    Ending all nested conversations of a parent conversation

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      I am using a breadcrumbs trail, as shown in Dan Allen's Seam in Action :

      <h:form id="switcher">
         <h:selectOneMenu value="#{switcher.conversationIdOrOutcome}">
            <f:selectItems value="#{switcher.selectItems}"/>
         <h:commandButton action="#{switcher.select}" value="Switch"/>

      When a trail exists, e.g. Shops - MyShop - EditShop, and the user clicks on
      a node, e.g. MyShop, I would like (in addition to switching to the desired conversation) to destroy all its nested conversations (in my example: EditShop).

      I've searched the APIs and can't seems to find ANY way to even list or access the current conversation's nested conversations.

      Does anyone know how can this be done?