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    Create one new SEAM Project, why diferences between JBoss Tools and Sean-gen?

    Klaus Villaca Newbie


      My environment is : jdk 1.5.21, EE 5, Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers, Seam 2.2.0.GA and JBoss 5.1 for JDK 5, because I had a lot of config issues with the version for JDK 6 using together with SEAM.
      I would like to know why when one project is generated using JBoss Tools 3.1 for Eclipse 3.5, the project simple doesn't work under JBoss 5.1. I've tried with JDK 5 and 6 and it doesn't work. Because the plug in doesn't generate those configurations files properly. Though when using SEAM-gen from command window, the project work perfectly?
      Apart from this, the project generated from SEAM-gen have one different structure and came with all configurations and .jars . Why JBoss release one plugin that doesn't work? Because whether I open one project using the SEAM-gen, it doesn't get connected with my DB (mysql) and I can't use the feature Sean generation entity files from IDE? For what I could see, please correct me if I'm wrong, the Seam tools doesn't have one why to use it, because after use the SEAM-gen I open the project as one ordinary project and not as Seam project. There are one way to make it work or is better give up of JBoss Tools?
      As I did some tests with JBoss Studio 2.0RC, and that one really worked fine, and did read in internet that JBoss Tools was nearly the same of have the JBoss Studio, however it isn't true, I can see several limitations if not erros in Tools plugin for Eclipse.
      Any one here have used it with those versions above and worked, how you did it, how I can get connected to use the tools features, if it's possible?
      Thanks in advance.