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    pages.xml.spdia  makes  Seam setup loop

    sasd asdsad Newbie
      I tried  to add a simple  jbpm  in my  project
      adding  in components.xml   in war/web-inf/
      using  a simple   JPDL.xml   in   war/web-inf/
          xsi:schemaLocation="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pageflow http://jboss.com/products/seam/pageflow-2.1.xsd"
         <start-page name="one" view-id="/one.xhtml">
            <transition name="next" to="two"/>
            <transition name="prev" to="home"/>
         <page name="two" view-id="/two.xhtml">
            <transition name="next" to="three"/>
            <transition name="prev" to="one"/>
         <page name="three" view-id="/three.xhtml">
            <transition name="next" to="one"/>
            <transition name="prev" to="two"/>
      using   next and  prev  in simple  pages  displaying one two three
      nothing happens
      but somehow  a pages.xml.spdia is created  in the war/web-inf/
      then it  stops  my seam  and tries to reinstall it  .... repeteively   for ever.
      as soon as I delete  the .spdia  file  it stops looping ....
      but the  jbpm does not seem to work either.

      any suggestions  ???
          -should  the spdia  file  be  located in the  ear/war ????
          -am I forgetting things  in using  Jbpm

      thanks  for any reply