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    DataModel with Event Scope

    Andrew Lee Newbie

      This is the code:

      public class GMAuditAction {
           @DataModel private List<GMApprovalBean> generalAuditList = new ArrayList<GMApprovalBean>();
           @Out(required=false, value="generalAudit")
           private GMApprovalBean generalAudit;
              public void generalAuditSelected() {

      and the page:

      <s:link endered="#{s:hasRole('GMApproval')}" value="#{messages['page.button.approvalInit']}"
                                                             view="/gmaudititem.xhtml" />

      The problem is when i click the link and redirect to next page i can't get the value from the event contex. But when i change the scope type to session i can get it. I don't know why this happens, need your help, thanks.