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    Doubt regarding template.xhtml with regards to frameset

    Sachin Parnami Newbie

      Hi All,

      How am i suppose to divide body division in two parts ( Left and Right )

      <div class="body">
                      <ui:insert  name="body"/>

      in two parts i mean i have left panel which should come along with body on the left side

      i have tried

      <div class="body" align="left">
              <ui:include src="mypanel.xhtml">
              <div class="body" align="right">
                      <ui:insert  name="body"/>

      But even though it doesn't appears in left and right way it appears in up and down manner :(

      e.g. this is how i want my pages navigation should be

        | P   |                            |
        | a   |                            |
        | n   |        body                |
        | e   |                            |
        | l   |                            |

      Please guide