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    Seam-excel is rendering &

    Bob Thule Newbie

      With the example code below, if the objects in my listOfData have a ampersands in nameOfCompany, then excel will html encode the ampersand.


      A & A Corp


      A & A Corp

      in the excel file.  How do I prevent the html encoding from occurring?

          <m:from address="test@test.com" />
          <m:to address="test@test.com" />
           <m:attachment fileName="test.xls">
                <e:workbook><e:worksheet value="#{listOfData}" var="c">
                          <e:column style="xls-column-autosize:true">
                               <f:facet name="header"><e:cell value="Name" style="xls-background-color: grey_25_percent; xls-font-bold: true" /></f:facet>
                               <e:cell templates="data">
          <m:body><html><body>Test body.</body></html></m:body>