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    pass an el method as a parameter on an include

    willie slepecki Newbie

      im trying to come up with a bunch of control templates.  my problem is i need to pass not only strings to the parameters, but occationally el methods.

      so in one situation i need the end control to look like this

      <h:commandButton action="continue"/>

      and in another situation i need

      <h:commandButton action="#{bean.runmethod}"/>

      is that possible?

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          Adrian Mitev Master

          This is currently not supported by facelets. However there is an ugly workaround:

          <h:inputTextarea id="#{id}" 
              value="#{input}" required="true">
              <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" onsubmit="changed()"
                event="onchange" action="#{actionBean[action]}"  />


          <ui:include src="shared/inputTextArea.template.xhtml">
             <ui:param name="id" value="numberOfObjects"/>
             <ui:param name="input" value="#{selectedProject.projectBasis.numberOfObjects}"/>
             <ui:param name="actionBean" value="#{selectedProject.projectBasis}"/>
             <ui:param name="action" value="touch}"/>

          In JSF2 this king of stuff is supported.