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    Exceptions from Resources Handled by Seam Resource Servlet are Swallowed

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I wanted to use Seam's resource system to serve JSON data for some charts. Everything works, but I notice that in case an Exception is thrown somewhere inside the resource request the exception is swallowed and I'm just getting a 403 / Access Denied error because it tries to redirect to debug.seam (which does not exist in the resource servlet path).
      In the JBoss Logs there is no output at all of the exception.

      I backstepped and used the simplest possible case, i.e. new seam project with the resource described in http://seamframework.org/Documentation/ReplacingServletsWithSeamResources where the doWork method just throws an IOException. Same result, no exception is logged anywhere.
      When I manually navigate to /debug.seam?cid=<CID> where cid is the conversation id, I see the actual exception in the resulting web page.

      Do I need to modify the logging configuration to see Exceptions thrown from Seam handled resources or is there a bug somewhere?