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    Servlet in seam app....

    Toby Blanks Newbie

      In my seam application, I am using a datatable to display some data.  I am taking that same data, and exporting it to excel format using jxl.  I can not use the exporter to export to excel due to the table has a lot of sub-tables to construct the final output.  So, what I was trying to do is call a servlet to use the jxl API then write out the out put throught the servlet response outputstream.  I am able to view the excel fine the first time, but if I try to run the report again by resubmitting the form, and clicking the export button, I get the following error.

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: no file extension in servlet path: /servlet/SevenDayExportServlet

      What is the best way in a seam app to write to the output stream to display excel?