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    Doubt regarding passing value from xhtml

    Sachin Parnami Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have doubt regarding passing value from one xhtml page to another xhtml page.

      here is the scenario.

      i have three s links

      all of which view to another pageOne xhtml, which contains form for some details, but depending upon the linkx has clicked my pageOne's action class need to perform different function depends upon which link was clicked. hope it clears my doubt.

      (pageZero.xhtml)linkx-------> pageOne.xhtml ----> pageOneAction.java

      i tried
      link1 with

      <f:param name="myValue" value="thisValue" >

      i see in address bar my value is being passed to pageOne.xhtml but how am i suppose to catch it in xhtml coding? and pass it again in f:param to Action class

      please guide
      Sachin Parnami