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    Seam 2.x + jBPM 4.1?

    Tonatihu Diaz Newbie

      Hi Seam users and developers,

      I'm new to BPM and because I really like the JBoss Stack (specially Seam!), I decided to try out jBPM. I've heard jBPM 4.1 has a new process management API and I really don't know if it's backwards compatible with 3.x... anyway this is not the main subject but jBPM 4.1 and Seam 2.2 integration.

      Can I use jBPM 4.1 with Seam 2.2 the same way as jBPM 3.x?
      If not, when this support it's planned to be released?


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          Jörg Prim Newbie

          Hi Tonatihu,

          the API is not backwards compatible, but the new API should be stable in future ...

          I try myself to run a JBoss 4.2.3, Seam 2.2, Richfaces 3.3 and Jbpm 4.1 application. It's not possible to use Pageflow in the actual version, but this is ok for me.

          I have some problems to get Jbpm and Seam to use the same Hibernate Session, Details you can find here.

          If I use two separate Hibernate sessions, its working, but I can not store my Entities as Jbpm Variables, Jbpm will serialize them in a Blob, instead of storing a ID reference.

          Best regards,

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            Tonatihu Diaz Newbie

            Hi Joerg,

            Ok, Pageflow it's just a convenience, and if it's temporarily unavailable I don't mind; the main problem is I want to be sure Seam can drive the business process using jBPM 4.1 and the special purpose annotations (@StartTask... @ResumeProcess).

            I find your other post very helpful (thank you, by the way) and I plan to run a test project today, using the integration code you cited. If this is an acceptable (or the only) way to integrate Seam 2.2.0 with jBPM 4.1, I'd really want to hear what the Seam guys have to say about it.

            Please, let me know if you solve the warning problem.


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              Tonatihu Diaz Newbie

              Hi everyone,

              My test project didn't work. When I replace the jbpm-jpdl.jar (jBPM 3.x) that comes with the Seam distribution for jbpm.jar of the jBPM 4.1 distribution, and try to deploy my project (a very simple process definition) in JBoss AS, I recieve a ClassNotFoundException (org.jbpm.graph.exe.ProcessInstance).

              Apparently, Seam 2.2 is not ready to work with jBPM 4.1; I really hope to be wrong.
              Any suggestions?


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                Cody Lerum Apprentice

                Plan is to support it in Seam 3

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                  Jörg Prim Newbie

                  Hi Tonatihu,

                  either you leave jbpm-jpdl.jar or you disable jbpm in components.xml. jBPM3 and 4 are running in parallel. The @StartTast, ... will only work with jBPM3.

                  Best regrds,