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    Seam vs JSP proposal

    Roger Mori Newbie

      After a year and a half working with Seam, our company  Lone Wolf – DPN  is harvesting some fruits: One of our products, built entirely with Seam, will be launch very soon.

      Simultaneously, we are proposing one of our customers, an insurance company, for migrating its current system (also built for us) from JSP/Servlet to JSF/SEAM. Because the former system is performing pretty well on a production environment for around six years, the client is asking for a pro/con proposal. 
      Also, the customer is scared with the latest changes on the Java Arena, such us, Oracle purchase of Sun, VmWare purchase of Spring, etc.  They are forecasting a possible JSP’s dead end.

      Please let me know of any useful documentation to support our proposal.

      Thank you.