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    IE8 bug (sticker?)

    Shervin Asgari Master

      IMO this should be a sticker.

      Hi all. Just want to give a heads up and ask if someone has encountered the same problem.

      We are using Seam 2.1, JSF 1.2 and Facelets.
      It seems we get very strange behaviour with IE8. There seem to be a bug in either Seam,JSF or Facelets.

      Suddenly users we add to the system dissappears, and when trying to start a long-running conversation, we get a Session Timeout exception.

      Everything works perfectly with IE6 and IE7, Firefox and Opera. Its just IE8.

      I tried adding this in pages.xml and it seems to work much much better now. Havent encountered the problem yet. So this might be a fix, but I haven't been able to verify this yet.

      <page view-id="*">
      <header name="X-UA-Compatible">IE=EmulateIE7</header>