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    Seam Remote method returns object instead of primitive

    Dmitry Sachin Newbie


      I am having troubles setting a var in JavaScript with a returned value from a @WebRemote annotated method.


      private int value = 50;
      public int getValue()
              return value;

      java script:

      var X = Seam.Component.getInstance("draw").getValue();

      this gets me an Exception in Firefox 3.5:

      uncaught exception: [Exception... "An invalid or illegal string was specified"

      I checked the value with JavaScript "typeof" and its an "object". 
      JavaScript ".valueOf()" returns [object Object].

      but Seam Debug Window says:

      <envelope><header><context><conversationId>37</conversationId></context></header><body><result id="0"><value><number>50</number></value><refs></refs></result></body></envelope>

      so value is actually a number. Any thoughts? Firefox issue?