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    Spread xhtmls across jars?

    Stephan B Newbie


      I was wondering how to split up the xhtml-files of a WAR-project across multiple sub-projects (probably JARs)?
      (not sure if this is a Seam / Facelets / JSF issue - but since in this community the members have knowledge about all 3 areas I ask here)

      The reason:

      I have probably around 60 pages - some composed by dozens of xhtml files. I wrote several ui tests (WebDriver/Selenium). Those tests take an eternity to run - and every time I change an admin page for example, all tests are re-run in Hudson (CI) because they are all in the same project and triggered thereby. I wanted to split my xhtmls across different sub-projects like sub-admin, sub-user.. This way I could share common resources (like CSS) and still separate the view.

      From what I saw this might be (?) possible with JSF2 - but I'm stuck with 1.2 until RichFaces 4.0 and Seam 3.0 are released.

      So is it possible :-?


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          Riccardo Serafin Newbie


          you basically want to follow the same approach used by the Seam wiki plugin architecture. There should be an article here on the seam web site, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

          Anyway, the solution is to create a custom facelet resource resolver (implementing the ResourceResolver interface) which will load the xhtml pages from the whole application classpath. You install it in your web.xml like this:


          I'm quite sure there are several posts that explain the issues involved, but again, this morning it seems I'm out of luck with the site search engine.


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            Stephan B Newbie

            Thanks for the tip! I'll look into it.

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              Frank Stolle Newbie

              Pay attention that this is only respected by Facelets for xhtml-files and is not useable for other resources like css, images and so on.