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    Page scope not maintaining state

    B Tomic Newbie

      I have a common "search, display results, do something with the selected one" scenario. I am using page scope for the @DataModel. The problem occurs when I attempt to perform an action (using parametrized method binding) on the selected item as, for some reason, the selected item is always null.

      Here's the whole thing:

           private List<Item> items;

      <rich:dataTable id="items" var="item" value="#{items}" rendered="#{items.size > 0}">
      <s:link id="voteForItem" value="Vote"
                          action="#{itemList.addVote(item)}" />

      public void addVote(Item i) {
                assert currentUser != null;
                Vote vote = new Vote(i, currentUser);

      "Item i" passed to addVote is always null, so it always throws an exception (as it requires a non-null value). Changing the @DataModel scope to CONVERSATION fixes this, but I do not want to do that as it interferes with other aspects.

      I double and triple checked if I am doing something wrong, but I can't see anything.
      As SiA states:

      The page context is capable of propagating data from the Render Response phase of the JSF
      life cycle through at least the ensuing Invoke Application phase on a postback, then on
      to the Render Response phase if the same view is rendered again without a redirect.

      Any clues what might be going on? Any insight is greatly appreciated...