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    conversation scope is a corner case?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I was doing some research on Spring 3.x and JSR 303 support and found this interesting article...

      Research area 1: Conversation management

      A key problem in conversation management is isolating concurrent windows in the same browser. Historically this has been the domain of Spring Web Flow, but there’s some thought of moving some level of conversation management to Spring Core. The idea is to introduce a new scope that’s larger than a single request but smaller than an entire session–a conversation–and be able to handle that, along the lines of the MyFaces Orchestra project.

      This is just me editorializing now, but I’m myself a little dubious of the usefulness of a conversation scope if the goal is really just managing different browser windows. To me it seems like running a single app in multiple browser windows is a corner case. I suspect that what’s going on is that Spring is responding to the fact that JEE 6 Web Beans will have a conversation scope.

      If the goal is to handle Spring Web Flow-type scenarios (single window) then yeah, that I can see. Anyway.


      The author does not mention the fact that the use of SMPC, conversation scope and Hibernate manual flush solves the LIE problem...

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          Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master

          I guess it depends on your POV... After all conversations are built on top of sessions...and many systems have been built that did not need that... even if we could argue that they partially reinvented it... Some people feel that to have a truly stateless and scalable architecture this kind of state management should be implemented as a client side only thing.

          And regarding the LIEs well... I guess it is only impotant if your ORM has such a feature/limitation.

          It is all so relative...