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    AJAX (a4j rerender) not working in Internet Explorer

    Jan Groth Novice


      I have problems with a4j-reRender and Internet Explorer 7

      The following code works fine in Firefox, but doesn't re-render anything in IE7:

      <a4j:commandButton action="#{mybean.myMethod}" value="fire" reRender="myText"/>
      <h:outputText id="myText" value="#{mybean.myOtherMethod(param)}" />

      (mybean in conversation scope)

      From my observations I can tell that IE seems to end the conversation on each call and re-instantiate the bean. myOtherMethod is definitely not executed in IE.

      Firefox, on the other hand, is simply calling myOtherMethod, without re-instantiating the bean.

      I found out that IE might need some security adjustments in order to be able to execute AJAX. I tried out almost everything for hours, wouldn't change anything.

      I also played with the enable native XMLHTTP-support-switch. No effect.

      Any ideas?

      Many thanks,

      (IE, IE7, a4j, rerender)