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    page parameter accesible

    Alexei R Newbie

      Hi I'm really new in seam, I'm trying to create a page for display data from an entity like this:


      public class BookEditManager {
           @In EntityManager entityManager;
           @Logger     Log log;
           private Book book;
           private Integer bookId;     
           public void initEditManager() {          
                if (this.bookId != null){
                     this.book = entityManager.find(Book.class, this.bookId);
                     if (this.book == null){
                          throw new org.jboss.seam.framework.EntityNotFoundException(this.bookId, Book.class);
                }else {
                     this.book = new Book();               

      and the page parameter

      <param name="bookId" value="#{bookEditManager.bookId}"/>

      When I request the url:


      In the initEditManager the bookId parameter is null, my question is:

      When the initEditManager method is called, the bookId property it already has the value taken from the page parameter?.

      Which is the order of execution of this ?

      1. Constructor.
      2. Set page parameter.
      3. Call method annotated with @Create.

      Is this correct ?

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          blabno Master

          No, @Create should be prior to setting parameters. Parameters are set via EL so component must be instantiated, which means @Create gets invoked before EL gets evaluated further.
          You cannot have bookId injected nor used in EL since it is not a property (no setters nor getters).