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    Dolphin Here Newbie

      Hi All,

      just found some typical problem with S:Link.

      The Application uses rich:treeNode and s:link to build a tree to show the heiarchy.

        - s1
        - s2

      each level would take c1, s1, s2 as param (h:params) and would display the respective details on the main frame.

      the problem now is with the s:link that was used. right clicking on a link say s2 would list me an option copy short cut which in turn cud be used to take the details of the req item. more over the pblm grows as the link copied was editable. for eg. if i substitute s3 instead of s2 in the link.. im able to pull the details of s3. :-(

      is there a way to overcome this?

      kindly help