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    Behaviour of StartTask for chaining multiple tasks

    Tonio AB Newbie


      I would like to expose the result of our team's investigation about achieving task-page binding inside JBPM/Seam. Any advice or feedback would be really helpful.

      Here is the case: we have 3 specific tasks performed by the same user inside a bigger process. Each task is taken care of by a specific screen and the process is managed by a conversation scoped component. We want to chain the 3 screens so we used if-outcome rules inside pages.xml. The problem is, after the first task, Seam seems to lose track of the process and complains about taskIds being null.
      We thus had to make calls to taskInstanceListForType, filter it and write specific code to resume the process and be able to achieve this navigation.
      Do you think of another, more Seam way of doing that ?

      Thank you