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    Persistence: @ManyToOne - how to set null referencing rows

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      Hey all,

      I've been scratching my head about this, tried the Hibernate forum and found no help.
      My hibernate hbm2ddl creates two tables corresponding to two Entities: Person and House.

      public class Person {
         private House house;
         public House getHouse() { return this.house; }
         public void setHouse(House house) { this.house = house; }

      Each Person CAN have a house, a House itself is oblivious to Persons, its a uni-directional relationship.

      The above creates the following field, key and constraint in the person table:

      house_id bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
      KEY FK7877DFEB59528447 (house_id)
      CONSTRAINT FK7877DFEB59528447 FOREIGN KEY (house_id) REFERENCES house (house)

      (removed some quotes from this)

      My wish:

      I need to able to delete a House, affecting the Person table is such a way that whatever Person pointed to that house will now have null instead.

      I understand this has to do with on delete set null that SQL has.

      Can I achieve this with JPA or Hibernate ?

      If not, should I hard-code it into the DB - If that is the case, how can this be done programaticaly through Seam... ? Something like a statement that says: if this constraint doesn't exist then create it.

      Thanks for any info.