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    new Seam position in SoCal!

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I have a feeling that there are only a handful of experienced Seam developers in SoCal/LA area.  So hopefully I can score this gig.  There is a new job posting out that I'm really interested in.  I have contacted a few recruiters so hopefully I'll get an iview.  My current new job is a total disaster.  Extremely complicated apps and environments with data centers in multiple states and countries.  Tomorrow night I will be doing a production release from 9PM-3AM (yes, that's not a typo).  JSP, javascript and scriptlet code galore, not to mention I still really don't like Struts 1.1 (or any action-based MVC framework for that matter after using JSF which is component-based MVC).  Don't even get me started with OC4J 10.1.2 (can't deploy a WAR, must be an EAR!) running J2EE 1.3 with JDK 1.4.

      Anyways, looks like a JBoss shop running clustered JBoss AS, Hibernate, Seam, RichFaces, EJB 3, etc.

      Maybe one day I'll be back on this forum as regularly as I once was.... 

      side note: We have been using JRebel 2.1a, it's been working pretty well for us thus far, it will even hot deploy changes to xml files (like struts-config.xml or applicationConfig.xml) but components.xml is not supported (yet)...