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    StatusMessages and rich:TabPanel - change tabs loses messages

    Aimee Ukasick Newbie

      Seam 2.2.0 GA

      @In protected StatusMessages facesMessages;

      I have an entry form (entry.xhtml) that contains a rich:tabPanel with 4 tabs. The form is backed by one SFSB (entryManager, ScopeType.CONVERSATION, Stateful), with values on the form tied to a single entity bean. A nested conversation is begun when the user creates a new entry.

      The end user wants to be able to click between tab panes with no data validating until the submit button is pressed. I use StatusMessages to display the submission errors to the end user with rich:messages. This is great for the currently selected tab, but when the user changes tabs, the messages are cleared out and therefore lost. I thought StatusMessages had conversation scope, but I have found it impossible to propagate the same list of StatusMessages across tabPanel panes. Is this correct behavior or am I doing something wrong?  Can StatusMessages be used across tabPanel pane changes, or do I have to rewrite the code to display the submissions errors in some other fashion?  I've spent a whole day already researching and trying various things without success.

      StatusMessages does work across the redirect resulting from successful submission. 

      Thanks in advance.