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    What is the purpose of GroupingFailoverTest?

    Clebert Suconic Master

      Is it to reconnect or to failover?

      The test has three servers.

      Server 0, 1 and 2.

      The test is forcing failures between the bridges.. and for some reason the connection to the backup node is being activated.

      The test will then send messages to the live server again but the backup is already activated, there is no more replicationEndpoint.. hence you will always see a message about not receiving responses from replication.

      Depending on TTL the the listener will cleanup callbacks what will cleanup the OperationContext so the clients will receive responses.

      I couldn't fix the test as I don't know the real intention. (reconnect or failover).

      So... if you didn't understand anything I said till here.. all you need to know is:

      ATM those tests are invalid, as it is failing over and it is sending messages to the live node, while the backup node is already active. That's a split brain.