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    components scan in different projects

    valerio de minico Newbie

      I'm creating a seam webapp under eclipse... I have two eclipse projects, one in which there's the core application code (entities and services class) - called core- , and the other in which I have xhtml, action components, etc - called web -. The first project is compiled as a jar and it is used by the second project. Obviously the core project has a lot of seam components that the other project uses. When the webapplication starts, the seam engine loads only the components defined on the web project. The cause could be that the seam engine scanner finds only components defined into the package in which it lives. One solution is to manually define each external component into the components.xml of the web project and it works fine. But... what about the use of annotation??? I'd want that when application starts all components are found by the scanner, also the annotated one...