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    Packet confirmation...

    Clebert Suconic Master

      There was a bug on the ReplicationEndpointImpl, and on ReplicationManagerImpl::ResponseHandler.

      I *though* confirmation was done automatically at ChannelImpl and I just saw it looks like it is explicit (as I looked on the other Handlers).

      So, I'm adding the confirmation now. Please let me know if I"m mistaken.

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          Tim Fox Master

          I don't understand what you're doing here.

          The reason we maintain packets for replay in the channel is so we can do reattach of clients to servers, this only occurs if confirmation-window-size is <> -1

          Reattachment only applies to client-server connections. Why would you want to do this on the live-backup replicating connection too?

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            Tim Fox Master

            I've removed the param backup-window-size and backup channel now has window size of -1.

            You would normally need to confirm each packet if you're using confirmations, but since I have set this to -1 the confirm() calls are unnecessary too.

            BTW setting backup-window-size to > 0 was pointless anyway since you had set reconnectAttempts to zero, also since you weren't confirming, packets would have built up for ever and you'd have got OOM eventually.