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    Sending Email: JBoss SA-5.1 + Seam-2.2

    Natalie D Newbie

      Hello, could anybody tell me if it is possible to send email from localhost using JBoss AS-5.1 and Seam-2.2?

      I've tryed launching mail example which goes with Seam, but the result is unsatisfactory.
      Clicking the Send Plain Text Email button leads to the following message:

      Email sending failed: Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port:2525

      The example page says I could have firewall enabled, which might block email sending. But I haven't installed any firewalls or enabled the existing ones. My OS is ubuntu-9.04. As far as I know, the default firewall configuration tool for this system is ufw and it is disabled by default.

      However, sending from inside a servlet gives me a success page. Alas, no email really comes to the target address.

      Does anybody know how to deal with the situation?