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    error-page for 401 not working

    Daniel Pocock Newbie
      I'm using HTTP basic authentication (not form-based authentication) configured in web.xml.

      When the user fails to authenticate, I want to display a help page, using the <error-page> directive.

      However, I've found that the error page is sent without the 401 status code - so the browser never prompts the user to authenticate in the first place.

      What do I need to put in my Facelets code to tell it to return the page with the 401 code?



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          Daniel Pocock Newbie

          Actually, it is sending the 401 status code - the reason the browser doesn't prompt the user is because the error-page is sent without the WWW-Authenticate header.

          The only workaround I can think of is to create a simple JSP that includes my help text and also adds the headers to the response - but I would prefer to do it with the correct Seam/Facelets approach.