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    Building seam project with richface jars from static server library

    Olly Edgell Newbie


      I'm currently working on our ant scripts and looking into the possibility of running our application with seam/richfaces/hibernate jars residing in a static server library.

      We are running on on Jboss AS 5.1 and Seam 2.2, RF 3.2. We have all required jars in the lib directory of the default profile. This all works fine apart from the class org.richfaces.component.UITree class. I've had issues with this before that were resolved via moving the jars in question into the EAR lib and generating a manifest file for the WAR file. However, adding them from the static server library and removing the manifest file has seen its return.

      Is it possible to do this or am I running against best practice? Should the seam/richface related jars reside in the EAR file and kept out of the static library?

      Any guidance is appreciated.

      Many Thanks,

      Olly Edgell